Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Glue Sniffin' Teen Trash

Glue Sniffin' Teen Trash! (Punk & Garage Rock Playlist)
  1. The Controllers- Neutron Bomb
  2. La Peste- Better Off Dead
  3. The Weirdos- Destroy All Music
  4. The Zeros- Mean Street Brat
  5. Crime- Murder By Guitar
  6. The Fun Things- Savage
  7. The Boys Next Door- Sex Crimes
  8. X (Australia)- Hate City
  9. The Scientists- There's A Monster In Me
  10. The Cramps- Weekend On Mars
  11. Thee Milkshakes- I'm Out Of Control
  12. The Mummies- I'm Gonna Kill My Baby Tonight
  13. The Gruesomes- I Never Loved Her
  14. The Dwarves- In And Out
  15. The Lazy Cowgirls- Can't You Do Anything Right?
  16. Pussy Galore- Cunt Tease
  17. The Dicks- Rich Daddy
  18. The Pagans- Little Black Egg
  19. The Misfits- Children In Heat
  20. GG Allin- Don't Talk To Me
  21. The Simpletones- I Like Drugs
  22. Redd Kross- Clorox Girls
  23. Meat Puppets- No Values
  24. The Replacements- I Hate Music
  25. The Heartbreakers- Get Off The Phone
  26. Teenage Head- Picture My Face
  27. Ramones- Slug
  28. Stiv Bators- Poison Heart
  29. The Avengers- Paint It Black
  30. The Celibate Rifles- Dancing Barefoot
  31. Radio Birdman- Breaks My Heart
  32. The Saints- Messin' With The Kid

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