Friday, September 19, 2014

This Primitive Sound! Vol. 5

This Primitive Sound! Vol. 5 
  1. The Plimsouls- Zero Hour
  2. The Scientists- Last Night
  3. The Barracudas- Don't Let Go
  4. The Ramones- Let's Dance
  5. Radio Birdman- Do The Pop
  6. The Saints- Lipstick On Your Collar
  7. DMZ- Mighty Idy
  8. Stiv Bators- It's Cold Outside
  9. The Real Kids- She's Alright
  10. Teenage Head- Bonerack
  11. The Gruesomes- For All I Care
  12. The Mummies- Babba Diddy Baby
  13. The King Khan and BBQ Show- Lonely Boy
  14. Cheater Slicks- Can't You Hear (My Heartbeat)
  15. Personal and The Pizzas- Never Find Me
  16. The Spits- Tired and Lonely
  17. The Rip Offs- Rip Your Heart Out
  18. The Reatards- Eat Your Heart Out
  19. Crime- Rock N' Roll Enemy Number 1
  20. The Pagans- There She Goes Again
  21. The Gizmos- Kiss Of The Rat
  22. The Electric Eels- Splittery Splat
  23. The Heartbreakers- Pirate Love
  24. The Flamin' Groovies- Yesterday's Numbers
  25. The Gories- You Little Nothing
  26. Dead Moon- Evil Eye
  27. Thee Headcoats- Clarabella
  28. Hasil Adkins- You're My Baby
  29. The Oblivians- Never Change
  30. The Almighty Defenders- Bow Down and Die

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