Thursday, October 30, 2008

Guitar Wolf! Rock N' Roll Attack!

i've decided my band of the day will be the single loudest band i have ever seen live (besides Mogwai...but that was just ridiculous), the greatest punk rock band from Japan ever GUITAR WOLF. first off their name has the two coolest words in the English language Guitar and Wolf together...that in it's self would make them worthy of band of the day status. but since i am highlighting them i won't just leave it at that, secondly they are LOUD AS in the ear splitting and headache inducing variety. it sounds like if the Ramones were just a bunch of japanese kids who wanted to play the Stooges song "search and destroy" at the the highest volume possible. which is to say totally awesome. also they coined a phrase for their style of music called Jet Rock N' Roll. what does that mean? who cares? it's awesome. and finally they made a zombie movie called Wild Zero that's like Spinal Tap crossed with Night Of The Living Dead. rock n' roll zombie movies are boss as fuck. buy Jet Generation and start living your life by the code of the wolf. it's really that simple.

"Jet Generation"

and a trailer for Wild Zero

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