Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When You Were Young

LCD Soundsystem are feeling my pain. Losing My Edge pretty much nails what it's like to be a 30 year old music geek who has stopped trying keep up.

can you still call yourself a music geek if you don't really keep up with new music? the only new bands i'm remotely interested in are No Age (who just sound like a 90s Indie Rock band), Vampire Weekend & The Virgins (who could have easily been part of the 2001-2002 New York Hipster band revival), The Black Lips (Atlanta band), and The Shocking Pinks (sad bastard music for a sad bastard like me). i'm not really sure where i was going with this post but The Faint are playing at the 40 Watt tonight and when i heard about that my first thought was, "Why?". i mean seriously, is there gonna be anyone under the age of 25 at that show? The Faint are a perfect example of a band that's time passed years ago but they just keep on keeping on despite a lack of interest. it's like when i first moved to Athens and The Posies played at the 40 Watt and i went just because and noone at the show was a college kid. it was just sort of sad. just a bunch of older people who wanted to hear them play "Dream All Day" and then go home. whatever. i don't even know why i am rambling on about this. i'll be at The Faint show. i'll probably dance and have a good time. and so it goes.

anyways the Faint top my list of Five Bands I Thought Were Gonna Be Huge (like MTV HUGE and kids at your local mall wearing their t-shirts. not indie big. nobody gives a shit abou tthat in the real world.) but it never happened.

1. The Faint
2. The (International) Noise Conspiracy
3. Q and Not U
4. ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
5. The Stills

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