Wednesday, December 3, 2008

i miss the comfort in being sad

top 20 depressing albums to curl up in your bed and wish you were dead

1. joy division- closer
2. nirvana- mtv unplugged in new york
3. leonard cohen- songs from a room
4. radiohead- the bends
5. nick drake- pink moon
6. elliott smith- either/or
7. nirvana- in utero
8. the cure- faith
9. the smiths- hatful of hollow
10. bob dylan- blood on the tracks
11. husker du- candy apple grey
12. bonnie prince billy- i see a darkness
13. john lennon- plastic ono band
14. cowboy junkies- the trinity sessions
15. godspeed you black emperor- f#a#infinity
16. red house painters- red house painters
17. lour reed- berlin
18. the cure- pornography
19. big star- third/sister lovers
20. bruce springsteen- nebraska

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