Saturday, December 13, 2008

my new favorite band that i discovered this year

besides M83, the band most likely to end up with a song being used in the next Sofia Copalla movie is the Shocking Pinks. they combine every cool sub-genre of the 80s indie scene into one perfect shoegaze/post-punk/kiwi pop/sad bastard explosion. last year the DFA collected all of their singles and eps as well as some album tracks from older releases and put out a self titled compilation for American release. each track on the comp reminds me of some long lost lo-fi gem that could have existed on college rock radio circa 1991 and fit perfectly inbetween sebadoh and pavement. if you are a fan of isn't anything era my bloody valentine, early lilys, psychocandy era jesus and mary chain, the clean, the verlaines, & a certain ratio then do yourself a favor and check them out.

here's a video for my favorite track, "the end of the world"

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