Thursday, May 21, 2009

Album You Should Own: something by Hawkind

this is one of those rare instances where i don't have a MUST HAVE album to recommend and instead am just suggesting you get SOMETHING by the world's greatest Spacerockers of all time, Hawkwind. currently i am listening to Doremi Fasol Latido. it was Hawkwind's 3rd album (i think...they have so many fucking albums it's impossible to keep up) but most importantly it was the first to feature future Motorhead leadman Lemmy as a member of the Hawkwind posse. Doremi Fasol Latido is their heaviest album at this point (things got a little heavier a bit later) with lots of drone rock and space sound fx. the opener "Brainstorm" is a 11 minute space rock freak out that makes you wanna drop acid and stare at a black light poster for several hours...and the rest of the album sorta takes that and runs with it. you can hear the influence on Spacemen 3 all over this album. sadly their isn't really a single Hawkwind album you can call essential...they are one of those rare bands that i think you are just better off downloading your own "BEST OF" mix because most of their best songs were singles that weren't on records. trying to find a good comp is difficult because there are so many of them. Rhino needs to just release an awesome Hawkwind box set and call it Space Rock and be done with it.

the closest thing to an ESSENTIAL release by Hawkwind is actually their live album Space Ritual. it features songs off their first 3 (or 4) records with their strongest lineup as a band.


  1. How is it possible that young Lemmy is uglier than old Lemmy?

  2. there's an amazing youtube video out there of Lemmy talking about his time in Hawkwind. I'll email it to you if i find it. He just basically talks about taking more acid than was made in teh world and thinking the bass was a talking snake. WOOT!