Thursday, May 7, 2009

just listening to this album makes me feel high

one of the greatest stoner metal albums of all time is without a doubt 1992's Blues For The Red Sun by the band Kyuss. they are from the Sabbath school of slow and heavy sludge. i saw them twice when i was in high school opening for Dinosaur Jr and White Zombie. they got sorta lumped into the grunge category by a few lazy music journalist, but when you listen to this album they are a metal band all the way. the opener "Thumb" is my personal favorite track and the single "Green Machine" got some minor play on Headbanger's Ball and 120 Minutes. after the band broke up former members founded 2 of the most successful stoner rock bands of all time in Fu Manchu and Queens Of the Stone Age (a band i used to love who gets shittier and shittier with each album).

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