Friday, August 21, 2009

my favorite video of the 90s

thanks to OJ for reminding me of this.

this was my favorite video ever in highschool. the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "Flavor (remix)" featuring a rapping Beck pretending to be Steven Tyler with the Blues Explosion as Run DMC...and a guest cameo by Mike D. this video pretty much sums up high school for me.

god i used to love me some Jon Spencer. here's a bonus Blue Explosion youtube vid of the band doing my favorite of their songs "2 Kindsa Love".


  1. They were one of my highschool/early college favs. I saw them my junior year open for the beasties at the Omni and they played for 45 minutes straight with no stopping and the crowd fucking HATED it. They pulverized us. People were throwing shoes and shit at them, when they finally finished much of the the place booed them. Fucking one of the best shows ive ever seen.

  2. yeah, i was at that show. that was my first time ever seeing Jon Spencer and i was blown the fuck away. i went out and bought Orange the next day and probably went and saw the JSBX about half a dozen times over a 3 year period.