Friday, September 25, 2009

The Velvet Underground's "Squeeze"

file under: mistakes your favorite band made that you weren’t even aware of.

like all things dumb in rock n roll, trying to replace your founding singer/main songwriter (in this case Lou Reed) with some random dude just to keep the band going is always a BAD FUCKING IDEA. this album is super rare/totally out of print. i’ve heard some mp3s of it a long time ago, its not actually that bad. it kinda sounds like the Allman Brothers to be honest. the song "little jack" is actually pretty fucking good (you can listen to all the songs on youtube) and the track "Caroline" is fucking awesome, i mean it holds up with almost everything on Loaded. but it is in NO WAY a Velvet Underground album. the band has completely disowned it and i can't imagine where you could find a copy...but i wish someone would rerelease it.

its still better than that record the Doors made after Jim Morrison died.


"little jack"

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  1. I'd forgotten about this record... saw it in the bins only once during my lost years in the used record shoppes, but never heard the whole thing. Thanks for the reminder.