Sunday, January 10, 2010

Radio Birdman "New Race" 1977

listening to Radio Birdman reminds of this time i was playing a show in Cincinnati and this kid in the crowd was really pissed off at us because my band were wearing arm bands and he kept saying we were ripping off Radio Birdman (who obviously invented the concept of armbands) and i refused to respond to him. then later in the show i had my back turned to the crowd and someone ran up on stage and dropped a trashcan over my head, knocking me to the ground. i threw the trash can off of me and turned around to see who did it and i made eye contact with the Radio Birdman kid and so i jumped off the stage and grabbed a plastic folding chair and hit him across the back with it. then i got back on stage and finished our set. after the show was over i found out that he wasn’t even the one who had dumped the trash can on me and instead that it had been a member of the opening band, who was pissed off that noone had bothered to watch them play. so i felt like an asshole and went and apologized to the Radio Birdman kid, but he told me he was super stoked about me smashing him with a chair and told me that had turned him into a fan of us instantly. so i gave him a free t-shirt and bought him a beer. the lesson of this story is that you should hit people with chairs if they don’t like you and then afterwards you will be friends.

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