Wednesday, February 24, 2010

i was dreaming (shoegaze/lofi/dreampop/c86/etc… playlist)

1. brian jonestown massacre- crushed
2. the jesus and mary chain- up too high (demo)
3. beach fossils- daydream
4. black tambourine- can’t explain
5. crystal stilts- crippled croon
6. primal scream- velocity girl
7. my bloody valentine- sunny sundae smile
8. ride- like a daydream
9. the chills- rolling moon
10. distractions- time goes by so slow
11. the soup dragons- whole wide world
12. shop assistants- safety net
13. chapterhouse- breather
14. the pastels- nothing to be done
15. this poison!- driving skills
16. felt- penelope tree
17. the sea urchins- pristine christine
18. shocking pinks- end of the world
19. the radio dept.- always a relief
20. another sunny day- you should all be murdered
21. slowdive- some velvet morning
22. catherine wheel- i want to touch you
23. lilys- ginger
24. a place to bury strangers- missing you (ep version)
25. cocteau twins- my love paramour
26. the chameleons uk- up the down escalator
27. young marble giants- final day
28. the shangri las- heaven only knows
29. the warlocks- angels in heaven, angels in hell
30. suicide- surrender


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