Wednesday, March 3, 2010

80s College Rock Playlist

1. The Feelies- The Boy With The Perpetual Nervousness
2. The Apartments- Help
3. The Dream Syndicate- Tell Me When It’s Over
4. The Embarrassment- Wellsville
5. REM- Catapult
6. Mission Of Burma- Peking Spring
7. The Wipers- So Young
8. Husker Du- The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
9. The Replacements- Answering Machine (solo demo)
10. Dinosaur Jr.- The Lung
11. The Jesus and Mary Chain- Upside Down
12. Inca Babies- Plenty More Mutants
13. The Gun Club- Carry Home
14. Big Dipper- She’s Fetching
15. Galaxie 500- Parking Lot
16. Spacemen 3- 2.35
17. The Flaming Lips- Chrome Plated Suicide
18. Meat Puppets- Up On The Sun
19. The Lemonheads- Mallo Cup
20. The Pastels- I’m Alright With You
21. The Vaselines- Son Of A Gun (demo)
22. The Marine Girls- In Love
23. The Go Betweens- Don’t Let Him Come Back
24. The Clean- Anything Could Happen
25. The Verlaines- Lying In State
26. Orange Juice- Love Sick
27. The Wedding Present- My Favourite Dress
28. Primal Scream- Gentle Tuesday
29. Shop Assistants- I Don’t Wanna Be Friends With You
30. Nikki Sudden- The Road Of Broken Dreams


1 comment:

  1. Fuck man, are we really this old?? Ouch. Great selection of tunes though, keep up the good work here!