Friday, March 12, 2010

for those of you going to your 1st SXSW this year....

First off, screw you cuz I didn't get to go this year. Secondly, have a good time. Don't bother trying to see all the bands you wanna see cuz it's impossible. Just pick a showcase every night and stay there. Its easier. Also don't worry about bringing drugs, you'll find some. Try and go to as many parties and free shit during the day as you can cuz they will have free booze and food. Also DO NOT WEAR YOUR BADGE AROUND YOUR NECK. This makes you a dork. Tuck that shit into your back pocket and only flash it when you have to. And finally you are basically at spring break for indie rock nerds...this means you will be able to get hella laid if you have even the slightest bit of game. Good luck and have fun.

oh yeah and go see my friends Ruby Isle if you get a chance. And tell em I sent you.

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