Friday, August 12, 2011

songs that changed my life: Can't Hardly Wait

Can't Hardly Wait by mmr421

Paul Westerberg "Can't Hardly Wait" (on SNL, 1993)...a pretty significant moment in my music loving life.

i think/pretty damn sure/know this was the first time i ever heard this song. i already owned Let It Be and Tim and Paul Westerberg's solo album 14 songs, but i hadn't delved further into the Replacements' catalogue yet by 1993. the unreleased Tim version of "Can't Hardly Wait" is tied with the Velvet's "Pale Blue Eyes" and Beach Boys "Girl Don't Tell Me" for my favorite song of all time. i can't even imagine how many times i've heard it. how many mix tapes/cds i've put it on. how many times i was drunk and depressed at 19 years old listening to it in a parked car crying about some fucking girl who ruined my summer and wondering if i was ever gonna get the fuck out of the shithole that is Augusta, GA before i found myself jumping off some "crummy water tower"

....anyways this is my favorite live performance of the song that i've seen.

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