Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nevermind is 20 Years Old Today!

20 years ago today Nevermind came out. 20 Fucking Years!

i was 13 years old in 8th grade listening to Guns N' Roses and Bell Biv Devoe and then Nevermind came out and it may be cliched as fucking hell but it definitely changed everything after that. it's weird to actually notice a cultural shift but being from a boring nowhere place like Augusta, GA listening to Nirvana (and later Sonic Youth) was a FUCKING HUGE way to separate myself from most of the redneck, jock, asshole kids i went to school with. they weren't just a band. not to me. not to lots of kids like me.

Nevermind is an album that never gets played in my home, my car, on my ipod. it's easily my least favorite of Nirvana's 3 studio albums. it's too slick. too polished. too overplayed. too fucking big. but i will still always love it...even if i never listen to another note ever again. so thanks for existing Nevermind. happy fucking birthday. and just think...that naked baby can probably fucking drink now.

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