Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Post Punk Mixtape for October

  • A Certain Ratio- Do The Du (Peel Session)
  • The Wake- Testament
  • Strawberry Switchblade- Since Yesterday
  • Orange Juice- I Can't Help Myself
  • The Monochrome Set- Expresso
  • Scars- You Turn Me On
  • Wire- Marooned
  • The Sound- Heartland
  • The Lords Of The New Church- Open Your Eyes
  • Heaven 17- We Don't Need This Fascist Groove Thing
  • Delta 5- You
  • The Fire Engines- Get Up and Use Me
  • The Screamers- Peer Pressure (demo)
  • Urinals- Black Hole
  • The Feelies- Raised Eyebrows
  • The Raincoats- The Void
  • Swell Maps- Spitfire Parade
  • The Homosexuals- Astral Glamour
  • Wipers- Doom Town
  • Pere Ubu- Life Stinks
  • Alan Vega- Ice Drummer
  • James White & The Blacks- Tropical Heat Wave
  • Units- Cannibals
  • Metal Urbain- Snuff Movie
  • Nervous Gender- People Like You
  • Chrome- March Of the Chrome Police
  • Killing Joke- Primitive
  • The Birthday Party- Guilt Parade
  • Primitive Calculators- Do That Dance
  • No More- Suicide Commando

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