Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kiss Me Like You Mean It (28 love song playlist)

Kiss Me Like You Mean It
  1. David Lynch- Ghost Of Love
  2. Spacemen 3- Just To See You Smile
  3. The Jesus and Mary Chain- About You
  4. Primal Scream- Love You
  5. The Field Mice- If You Need Someone
  6. Mazzy Star- Be My Angel
  7. The Sonics- Since I Fell For You
  8. The Rolling Stones- Tell Me
  9. The Brian Jonestown Massacre- I Love You
  10. Jeffrey Lee Pierce- From Temptation To You
  11. Rowland S. Howard- She Cried
  12. My Bloody Valentine- Cigarette In Your Bed
  13. The Radio Dept.- All About Our Love
  14. The Wake- On Our Honeymoon
  15. The Chameleons- Love Is
  16. Killing Joke- Love Like Blood
  17. Skywave- All I Had
  18. Bow Wow Wow- Fools Rush In
  19. Unrest- I Do Believe You Are Blushing
  20. The Go Betweens- Obsession With You
  21. The Dolly Mixture- Will He Kiss Me Tonight
  22. Television Personalities- That's What Love Is
  23. Nikki Sudden- Wedding Dress
  24. Roy Orbison- This Kind Of Love
  25. Suicide- Sweetheart
  26. Spectrum- True Love Will Find You In The End
  27. Yoko Ono- Nobody Sees Me Like You Do
  28. John Lennon- Be My Baby

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  1. Any mix of love songs that opens with David Lynch is something I can get behind. Thanks.