Monday, November 17, 2008

NO AGE @ The 40 Watt, Fri. Nov. 14th

i decided i'd review the No Age show anyways. it's not like i've got anything better to do.

so yeah No Age played last friday at the 40 watt and as i've mentioned in my earlier post, not a lot of people made it out. somewhere around or less than 100, but it's always hard to tell when shows aren't full at the Watt. they played all their jams and they played two covers (gun club's "sex beat" and the misfits "night of the living dead"), they asked for a show of hands how many members of the crowd were members of Dark Meat, they were loud, they we're good. i kind of expected them to be a lot louder...seeing as how they are only a two piece, but it might have been the fact that i was standing in back with all the other 30 year olds. i also expected them to be a little crazier...but the pretty much just get up there and play the tunes and if you like it then you like it and if you don't then whatever...yeah okay, not much else to say about them. if you like their records then go see 'em live. it's worth the price. here's a live clip of them doing "every artist needs a tragedy" (my personal favorite).

the real surprise of the show was that i really enjoyed the opening band Titus Andronicus and i can't honestly remember the last time that those words came out of my mouth. they were sort of if the Replacements and the Walkmen took all their band members and decided to start a new band and that band was gonna sound like the Pogues with some Springsteen and the E Street band influence thrown in for good measure as filtered through the ears of kids who obviously all grew up playing in punk bands. so yeah, it was good old fashioned, high energy rock and roll. harmonicas, sing along lyrics, and 3 guitars making a lot of racket. some of my friends said they reminded them of Athens band Jesuis France...which i could maybe see. but not as sloppy. regardless i enjoyed them and if they played in Athens again, i'd probably go check them out. can't say if i'd bother to buy a record though...maybe i'll download a track off itunes. anyways, they are a good time and you should check em out.

here's some live footage of them from the Pitchfork festival.

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