Friday, November 14, 2008

what ever happened to Pleasure Forever?

so i've been uploading my music library (well most of it...sorry Soundgarden you are gettin' no love from me since my opinion has been ruined with the awful Audioslave shit) onto Itunes for the past week (not having a job opens alot of freetime for such nonsense) and i have been enjoying some albums that i haven't listened to in years (verbena, the fucking champs, q and not u's first record). one album that i had completely forgotten about and am currently obsessed with today is Pleasure Forever's self titled debut. now Pleasure Forever were one of those bands i got into during my white belt wearing, Locust and all other bands from San Diego worshiping phase...but unlike all the screamy hardcore trash artschool dropout nonsense that dominated that scene, Pleasure Forever were far more musical and sort of bridged a gap between the underground art-core scene and the current Goth revival that' been going on ever since Interpol started writing Joy Division covers. and they were doing a hell of alot better job of being goth thatn all the shit that came later. they are sort of a cross between the Black Heart Procession and Ink and Dagger but with better songs or if Nick Cave had grown up in southern california and been into hardcore as a kid. honestly Pleasure Forever fall into that unfortunate category of doing something way too early and never being able to cash in on it (like the that must burn their ass seeing bullshit like the Killers on MTV). and unlike most of the other bands who discovered Bauhaus in college, Pleasure Forever was a ferocious live act. having seen them 3 times i was always blown away, they even were able to hold their own against Les Savy Fav who are without a doubt one of the 10 best live bands i ever saw. anyway, i have no idea what became of Pleasure Forever....more than likely they broke up after a few unsuccessful tours or a lack of interest from major labels....but if you are ever in the bargain bin or a used cd store look in the P's and pick it up if you find their record.

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