Tuesday, November 11, 2008

you'll dance to anything

video of the day

Phoenix "Too Young"

if that song and video don't cheer you up then nothing will.

i realized the other day that i haven't been doing much list making and that this blog is starting to turn into Justin's daily youtube video posting...which is pretty boring if you ask me. so i promise to get on the list making front.

i read on pitchfork this morning that Ted Leo and Andrew WK are teaming up to do an indie rock Karaoke night in New York. so if you live in the NYC you should do yourself a favor and attend the event December 3 at Studio B in Brooklyn. to say i'm jealous would be a major understatement. when i rank my all time favorite live performers i'd have to put Andre WK and Ted Leo near the top of that list (Fugazi holds down the top spot with the Make Up damn close...but those two have gotta be 3 and 4)

a shoutout to my good friend KennieBloggins who was voted Most Stylish or Best Dressed Teacher (not entirely sure what the exact title was) by his students. it's good to see years of hardwork have finally paid off.

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