Monday, April 26, 2010

Bands I Love: NIRVANA

fuck you all

#1 on my favorite bands of all time list. (it was so obvious that you shoulda seen it coming 100 miles away).

number of years i have been listening to them: since 1991…just like everyone else my age.

how i got into them: when i was 13 years old Blond Jesus appeared to me in a dream and told me that listening to Public Enemy and Guns N’ Roses was cool and all but that if i was ever going to truly become a sullen and moody teenager with no real career prospects later in life that i needed to dedicate my teen years to a band with a depressed lead singer who talked more shit than a 15 year old girl and had some major drug addiction issues. and thus a young life was ruined just before it could ever start. punk rock obsession and poor fashion choices would follow..
also i saw the video for "Smells like Teen Spirit" one afternoon and it melted my brain.

favorite album: In Utero

favorite songs: radio friendly unit shifter, school, dive, aneurysm, drain you, oh the guilt, i hate myself and i want to die, negative creep, pennyroyal tea, dumb, etc. all of them.

direct influence on my musical taste: duh. i was 13 in 1991. Nirvana is WHY i love music so much. sure i might have very well become a music nerd without them, but it’s doubtful that i would have evolved so quickly and become such a sponge for new shit if it wasn’t for Kurt’s own music snobbery. all that would come after owe the debt. yeah, Nirvana is my favorite band in the same way that the Beatles are my dad’s favorite band. i’d be fucking lying if i tried to claim something else.

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