Friday, April 16, 2010

rad cover songs friday playlist

1. sonic youth- sitting on a barbed wire fence (bob dylan)
2. the nation of ulysses- telepathic love (the wipers)
3. no age- male masturbation (the urinals)
4. the gun club- run through the jungle (ccr)
5. jesus lizard- wheelchair epedimic (the dicks)
6. the birthday party- loose (the stooges)
7. james chance- jailhouse rock (elvis)
8. the soft boys- cold turkey (john lennon)
9. television- satisfaction (rolling stones)
10. the feelies- paint it black (rolling stones)
11. husker du- eight miles high (the byrds)
12. the replacements- 20th century boy (t.rex)
13. mudhoney- fix me (black flag)
14. big black- he’s a whore (cheap trick)
15. the jesus and mary chain- my girl (the temptations)
16. the walkmen- fly into the mystery (modern lovers)
17. galaxie 500- ceremony (new order)
18. pixies- winterlong (neil young)
19. the flaming lips- ice drummer (alan vega)
20. primal scream- diamonds, fur coat, champagne (suicide)
21. revolting cocks- da ya think i’m sexy? (rod stewart)
22. the lost sounds- living in the ice age (joy division)
23. the rapture- dumb waiters (psychedelic furs)
24. le shok- mind your own business (delta 5)
25. the dwarves- hurricane fighter plane (the red crayola)
26. the icarus line- hit it and quit it (funkadelic)
27. harlem- no true love (the dixie cups)
28. the raincoats- lola (the kinks)
29. the stooges- ballad of hollis brown (bob dylan)
30. mission of burma- 1970 (the stooges)

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