Saturday, June 6, 2009

Band Names That People Should Be Using

1. Do You Believe In Unicorns? (indie pop or punk band)
2. Killed By Eskimos (indie rock)
3. DEAD RAPPERS (punk band)
4. The Violent Pink (noise band)
5. Get Crushed, MOTHERFUCKER! (metal/hardcore)
6. VIVA HATE (an all Smiths/Morrissey Hardcore cover band)
7. Sirhan Sirhan (punk band)
8. American Taliban (obviously could only be a noise band)
9. A$$ Fanta$y (rap group)
10. BLACK THREAT (a Black Flag/Minor Threat/Bad Brains cover band)
11. Shield Your Eyes (shoegaze)
12. The 1984 (a concept band about George Orwell's book and how awesome the year 1984 actually was.)
13. We Strike At Dawn (metal)
14. Kats Play Keyboards (twee pop)
15. Passenger Airline Disaster (screamo)

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