Monday, June 29, 2009

Agenda footage from Athfest

stole this pic from abandoned couches. thanx for posting the video btw.

ah, the internet...instant access to things that just happened....instantly.

a nice review from the flagpole.

Mat ruled. i jumped on his drumset and knocked everything over but he kept screaming and playing. it was my favorite moment of the night.

plus some video.

i have no idea how this sounds cuz i deleted the soundcard from my computer on accident. listen at your own risk.

This Ain't No Fashion Show

You Give Me Hot Pants

Strike Like A Viper

watching one's self on video perfectly puts into context how fat i have gotten in 5 years.

thanks again to everyone who came out Saturday night though, it meant a lot. i'm hoping someone filmed me doing "Party Hard" with the Buddy System. it you've got a link, send if my way.

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