Monday, June 1, 2009

top 30 Sonic Youth songs

So Sonic Youth are set to release their 5 millionth album this month and are closing in on 30 years of recorded existence. With these things in mind here's my list of the Top 30 Sonic Youth songs ever. Think of this as a double cd best of that i'd make for someone who didn't own a single SY record. Note: I included 1 song from Thurston Moore's solo record Psychic Hearts which is essentially a Sonic Youth record minus Lee & Kim.

1. "Schizophrenia" album: Sister
2. "Teenage Riot" album: Daydream Nation
3. "100%" album: Dirty
4. "Dirty Boots" album: Goo
5. "The Diamond Sea" album: Washing Machine
6. "Star Power" album: EVOL
7. "Shadow Of a Doubt" album: EVOL
8. "Death Valley 69" single
9. "Wish Fulfilment" album: Dirty
10. "Kool Thing" album: Goo
11. "Expressway to Yr Skull" album: EVOL
12. "Mote" album: Goo
13. "Superstar" album: If I Were a Carpentar
14 "Genetic" b-side of 100%
15. "Kissability" album: Daydream Nation
16. "Halloween" album: Bad Moon Rising
17. "(I Got a) Catholic Block" album: Sister
18. "Eric's Trip" album: Daydream Nation
19. "Youth Against Fascism" album: Dirty
20. "Psychic Hearts" album: Psychic Hearts
21. "Tom Violence" album: EVOL
22. "My Friend Goo" album: Goo
23. "Incinerate" album: Rather Ripped
24. "Kill Yr Idols" album: Kill Yr Idols- Confusion is Sex
25. "Silver Rocket" album: Daydream Nation
26. "Cotton Crown" album: Sister
27. "Chapel Hill" album: Dirty
28. "Bull In the Heather" album: Experimental Jet Set
29. "Hits of Sunshine" album: A Thousand Leaves
30. "Tunic (Song For Karen)" album: Goo


  1. D:
    How do you not have "'Cross the Breeze," "Tunic (Song for Karen)," or "Theresa's Sound World"?

    On the real though, to each his own. At least you have 5 songs from EVOL; that album doesn't get enough credit.

  2. ah shit...i totally forgot "Tunic"...that one def deserves a spot on this list.