Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Band That Doesn't Suck: The Young Sinclairs

last night i saw a band that reminded me why i love the sound of a jangely guitar so much. The Young Sinclairs are 5 young lads from the state of Virginia who are the newest members of Kindercore Records. they came down to the city of Athens to take part in the Kindercore Showcase during Athfest last night and delivered some of the catchiest Powerpop/60s California Psychedelia inspired rock i've heard in a long long time. their sound reminded me of Buffalo Springfield & The Byrds by way of the Flamin' Groovies & Big Star with some 80s college rock (The dBs, the La's, Dream Syndicate, early Primal Scream) thrown in for good measure, for a more modern comparison think Brian Jonestown Massacre minus the insane frontman and the shoegazer leanings...basically if you love that perfect sound of a clean ringing Rickenbacker with some catchy harmonies and a solid rhythm section backing it all up then the Young Sinclairs are your kinda thing.

the band has recorded and self released somewhere around half a dozen albums so i have no idea where i'd even begin to start. the album i have a copy of is called Feel Bad, unfortunately it's not currently available through a label so i am not sure how you can get it other than buying it from the band or gettin' me to burn you a copy. thankfully Kindercore records just released a Vinyl compilation of songs off each of the Young Sinclairs' releases called SONGS OF THE YOUNG SINCLAIRS followed by a digital release of the band's catalogue on Itunes. so yeah, order the record and look for the stuff on Itunes in the future.

here's a live video of them doing a song called "Engineer Man" which is a personal favorite.

here's the link to their Myspace page where you can check them out for yourself, and go to and you can order the vinyl "best of" release.

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